Excerpts from an interview by Pauline Sjobom (concerning the album Upskirted):

Your home page used to be all about beer and brewing. Please, tell us how this sudden conversion came to be.

Well, it didn't happen as quickly as you might think! I've been making music for a long time and the registration of this domain was intended for this in the first place, but as I'm also doing a lot of beer tastings for groups of people I thought I might use it for something as opposed to displaying a boring "Under Construction" sign. And now when the album is finished I'm using this page as a window to the world to get my music out.

What about previous material?

I didn't think I had enough material to start a web site. I have made a few EP's that I released myself through the web, more to test the market and see if I got any response at all. Some of the stuff is bound to be out there still, but in older versions. Now that the album is out on a proper label, with better distribution, I have made the back catalogue available again, should anyone be interested...

I understand you have travelled while making this album?

Not very much; it's not easy carrying around musical equipment when travelling so what you're referring to are the "sketches" I made with the computer while I was abroad. Most of it was then put together on a relative's farm in the countryside of Sweden, and in a flat in London. Even if most of my music is lacking vocals or lyrics, I find inspiration through the environment I work or spend time in and I guess it shows in some way. Not that I get influenced by Chinese music while in China or by Mariachi bands in Mexico, but titles and moods spring to mind by what I see or experience.

You told me earlier that you make music for yourself?

Ok, ok, ok...hmmm...I have an urge to create something all the time; be it beer, short stories or music. And I'm aware of my shortcomings in making hit songs so I make the kind of music that I'm capable of and at the same time enjoy listening to. People might expect something else and end up playing the record once and then leave it on the shelf, which is why I'd rather give it away for free to someone who appreciates it. Let's say I was selling the album in a market stall on a Saturday afternoon and someone bought it because I talked them into it; that would be only for the money - but where would it take me? A few quid more won't change my life. I think people who's into this kind of music find it by their self, at least I do.

What is your typical way of creating a song?

Sound! It always starts with a sound that I like and I build a tune out of that. If a melody comes up, fine, but it’s not essential. And if I come up with a nice “riff” or whatever you’d call it, I tend to play it over and over through most of the whole track, just changing the instrument or transpose it. Hopefully some people think like I do, that it doesn’t have to change much as long as it changes slightly. Take The Orb’s ‘Blue Room’ for instance; what is it, 39 minutes, and still I enjoy it even though it doesn’t change much. Or some of Kraftwerk’s finer moments, monotonous but brilliant, not to mention the minimal stuff on labels like Kompakt, Bpitch, K2 or Traum! Sheer satisfaction for me!

Are you doing DJ’ing as well?

Not in the way it’s though upon today. As a former radio DJ I just fade in and out and don’t consider tempo that much. And the songs I play are very varied; not typical dance tracks, but songs that people like to listen to, or sing-a-long to. I’m going to a private party this weekend where you’re supposed to bring your three favourite vinyls from the 70’s/80’s and I really look forward to it! It gives me a chance to talk about the albums I love so much and convince the others that they’re the greatest albums of its time. I haven’t decided yet but Wire’s ‘Pink Flag’ will come along, and Logic Systems ‘Logic’…I think.

What do you do when you’re not making music?

Except for brewing beer, or doing beer-, wine-, cider- or tequila tastings, which is part of my work, I cook a lot. I make at least one focaccia per week, or pasta salads or quiche with a yummy filling or something else. I love beans and chickpeas, and cheese I couldn’t live without!

Are you a vegetarian?

Do birds fly? Is wrestling fixed? Yes, I’m a vegetarian since 1982.

Does that reflect your persona?

The only way I can think of is that I sometimes tend to care more about animals than I care about humans. Cats especially, I’ve always had cats around me and sometimes they’re the only company I need. Not that I don’t like people, I love people too – females…but I really, really hate people that are cruel to animals! All vivisectionists should be tested upon, to let them have a taste of their own medicine!

What do you mean by ‘Don’t dream in black & white!’ on the record sleeve?

I mean that all people should at least try to have their dreams fulfilled! Life can be dull and boring day in and day out but everyone has something they want to achieve and if you don’t try you will regret it later in life. I sometimes get criticised for dropping ideas or suggestions around me all the time; in the morning I can say that I’m going to start this business and in the afternoon I’m ready to pack for a trip to friggin’ Borneo or build a cottage. But the thing is, that out of a thousand ideas can come one realistic one. That’s dreaming in full colour! Ganz in Farbe!