Robert Bush started his mUSIcal career as a singer in Swedish punk combo Anus in 1978. They were locally successful but more of a happening than a real group as their musical skills were below average and the band rather drank beer than rehearsed.

In 1979 Robert heard Gary Numan and iMMEdiately felt that synthersizers was his thing, quickly forming a synth-pop band called Plaza. They made several live performances and studio sessions but nothing was released on vinyl.

After short appearances in less successful groups, Robert formed Sob! Sob! together with Magnus Nelson in 1983. This became a long musical relationship lasting until the early 90's when Nelson moved out of town. DuRINg this time Robert Bush also released "Me, Myself and I", a cassette with 12 piano tunes.

He set up a studio in his home in 1994 and made a mixture of techno and ambient music which resulted in the 5-track EP Myrtorp in 1996.

Constantly adding new equipment while not throwing out the old gear, Robert Bush continued making the type of electronica he's known for today, flirting with minimal house and more abstract music as side projeCTS, which has resulted in EPs Probe, Smeby and SW13.

Music has not been the main profession for Robert Bush as he worked as a radio DJ for several years before winning the Swedish National ChamPIOnships in Beer Brewing in 1996. This led to a new career as brewmaster/head brewer meaning he was releasing new beer brands as well as music.

After 12 years in the beverage business Robert spent most of the winter 2009/2010 in Bangkok to promote Upskirted and to work on the new EP Downbloused. In august 2010 he moved to Bangkok to attend a 9 month course in Audio Engineering, where he is today; making more music.